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Corporate Event

The name of the company is Midland Microfin LimitedThe class was based on middle and senior management employees who the company thinks will be future leaders and desired to develop them in Stress Management, Leadership attributes and Creating more time, more money and more Joy for the organisation and also grow individually both knowledge wise and financially.

The participants were great at their current job roles yet the development in their skill set for a higher and more demanding job role was what this class prepares them for .The activities and exercises conducted as course content of the class raised some intriguing questions from the participants which showcased their abilities and desire to excel and create a space for new.The energy and the choice to learn of the class was massive and they connected and chose the class with great zeal and the happiness and the involvement in asking more and more questions was joyful. The happy faces in the pics are a proof of the fun that this class created in their worlds and will continue to do once they start using the tools and processes as discussed in the class