My husband has been saying this for 20 years, that throw the word expectation out of your dictionary and you will be a happier person. I wouldn’t say it hasn’t changed me, it surely has, but, am I 100% free from the bondages of expectations-NO.

I realize it’s value all the more now when I look back, my expectations from kids-made me a disciplinarian-which the kids didn’t like, My expectations of self made me a robot and I never realized that I have never loved myself and only loved others and on the contrary, when I think-How can anyone love me when I don’t love myself??

My elder daughter 2 years ago taught me the value of Self-Love and I am still not there 100% though, the pursuit continues.

Life has taken a 360 degree shift and the first thing that I have made very clear to myself is -It is my journey-with NO EXPECTATIONS from anyone and this feels lighter.

I win some, I loose some and each day brings in new wonders and new life to it and I take all in a stride. I have never witnessed myself in this light ever before, the rapid changes in energies and the energy work that is making these changes is extremely awesome.

So many POVs are melting and so many new IPOVs are shaping up, I am easier on myself, kids, work, home and getting Out of Control is extremely relaxing majorly. No rigidities, no decisions for the kids, no expectations from myself on how much I desire to earn each month??

Really…like really, is it me talking or is it a newer, improved version of me…. I am deciphering each day.

Kids say, I am becoming a reflection of Dad…well I don’t how how much of that is true and even 20% of me is him, and the remaining is me, I feel yeah!!! I am treading a path so unknown and yet, so known…and this I will cherish for life.

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Day-22: IPOV

Today, started with a bang and high, exuberant energy. I had a great morning, a hectic working day and amazing flow of energy in the form of great client feedback, some new clients with very kind words and kindness kept me going with great zeal all day.


Gary says, the world is forgetting kindness and that is something that we require to expand more and more. I felt, kindness is also a reflux action just like anger the more you give the more comes back and not vice versa.


The usual notion is when we receive kindness we give it in return and when we receive anger and pain that is what we reciprocate. I am realizing each day that giving should come first with no expectation.


Eg: When we give kindness even when we receive anger the other person gets confused and immediately melts down and most great human beings even apologize for their behavior.


This is my Interesting Point of View from today’s scheme of things and boy does it feel great?? It definitely does.


It is expansive, it is a choosing, it is a joyous feeling, emotional state is happy and learnings are immense.


Judgment is melting more and more and acceptance is ever expanding and it more and more peaceful as there are no opinionated behaviours of judging self and others.


I still have to pull my barriers down everyday coz something or the other definitely shows up as energy form each day….and yet, I am glad, very glad how I am changing….

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Day-21: Possibilities Continue

My life is a roller coaster ride of everything since I can remember. I choose each time-the good, bad and ugly too. I CHOOSE and I don’t regret my choices. Not all of them have been great yet, I am happy to look back and now look forward to a new chapter of life.


Ugly is also beautiful when you are going through it … choosing better in the ugly is beautiful and ugly is never a choice so why not just live through it and that is what we do and we should be doing.


I am not a sadistic soul and none of us is… we all choose happiness in more then one forms- A friend always says, “ Life is always beautiful” and now I understand it more than ever of what she means, each time she says that.


The spirit to rise to glory each day is a boon that ACCESS creates for me each day and I ask for more and more of it everyday.


Possibilities galore, that astonishes me each day with just choosing is amazing .


Killing judgments everyday, releasing POVs of everything and operating from IPOV and bringing the magic of Ease and Joy and Glory is expansive daily.


You don’t have to see it to believe it —— You have to choose to ask the Universe to show it and it shows up-it is literally that simple-Use it to see the magic begin in your lives too.


To more possibilities with Ease and Joy and Glory….

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Day-20: Hurt? Pain? Sadness??

Today is one of the low days, a friend, came over from Canada to grieve over the loss of a good one, every time I land up in this space, I dip and then I get up again and then I fall and I rise and that has been the journey in the last five months since, we both lost a loved one to COVID.


I push myself to run, and some days I crawl, some days I walk and some days I sprint, I am moving that is important. I don’t know when I will heal completely or whether I will ever?? Is still to be seen.


What I have learnt is that I am not a victim and I don’t like sympathies and I open up with very few close friends and family only about my pain, mostly Access and my brother have my back, front, up, down, forward and so on and so forth…. And I keep rising with 10 second increments everyday and I can surely say that I am not there where I was 5,4,3,2,1 months ago ….I shift a little each day.


I choose love from so many who still shower it, I choose happiness with my kids, I choose happiness of work and making money each day and expanding into newer pastures each.


Life is different now … is still beautiful only if we choose….I had just stopped choosing …I am getting there….will finally expand to newer happinesses soon .


That vacuum will always will be there I will just learn to live with it and move ahead with it….. currently I just juggle myself.

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Day-19: Choice of Possibilities

Yeah!! My daughter and me are finally registered for the class which starts in about 2 hours from now and we both are super excited for doing an all night class with ‘THE MAN’-THE WONDERFUL GARY DOUGLAS.


Today began with me looking back at how Access happened for both of us and How did we get so lucky??


When we started I was just inquisitive of what Bars are as a Tarot client of mine used to get her Bars run atleast once a week and everytime she would discuss this I would wonder what that is??


And one fine day I asked her and the details got me interested and that’s how I registered for my first Bars class and post that there has been no lookingback and how my world is ever expanding.


How did this start to happen?? It started with choosingas simple as that.


  1. Choosing Bars
  2. Choosing Ease, Joy and Glory
  3. Choosing expansiveness
  4. Choosing No Judgment
  5. Choosing No Control
  6. Being open about my vulnerabilities
  7. Choosing to let go off of Points of Views(POVs)



Wow!!! I have judged myself the most, I have been a control freak all my adult life, I have always tried to put carpet everywhere for my kids and in turn I started controlling them more and they started hating me more……and in these last 6 months so much has changed.


My 18+ one says, ”Mom, you’ve changed so much in a wonderful way” and that for me is a win-win as she is the one I have had a love-hate relationship for last 5 years and in 6 months she coming up and saying what she said is really overwhelming in a happy way.


This was the darkness of my life under the lamp, clients, friends, relatives always came up to me for guidance for different modalities but my own daughter was choosing otherwise and this has really really shifted with the Choice of Possibilities that have shown up in my world.


How did I get so lucky??….still exploring

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A class is coming up with THE GARY DOUGLAS from tomorrow onwards and the day started with me asking I desire to be part of this class and for last 3 days I have been looking for options to find someone in the friend/family circle who can make payment on by behalf through a Credit Card and everyone had one or the other genuine reasons of why not?


Today, I just asked-Gary please let me be a part of the class with Ease? And the energy that showed up said share and ask for some support on the Access WhatsApp groups and within the next 5 minutes 3 people -one I know for just 15 days and 2 total strangers showed up to support.


I was amazed at the energy that shifted in 5 minutes and I was registered for the class by evening and money is transferred now i.e. tonight and now I wait for the confirmation e-mail for the workshop to be received max by tomorrow afternoon.


Today, so much happened and kindness that we talk of in Access I personally experienced it in ways that are shocking and most amazing.


So much of hoopla moments, in my day today and I am lovin’ it , what a roller-coaster ride today was with amazing, amazing kind energies showing up.


Thank you Gary ….


See you in a LIVE class oversoon…Yippie!!!

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Day-17:What are joys and sorrows?

Today, the energy of Joy, Sorrow, Pain and pleasure is playing heavily with me since morning.


All calls, clients and healings, Bars sessions, Body process sessions that showed up today were related to either of the above.


By evening I had pulled so much Energy that I had a terrible migraine and an IPOV Evolution class was about to start in 20 minutes. The first energy that showed up in the class was mine of acute migraine and boy, oh! Boy what heavy energy I was carrying today


Learnt a new body process today of what migraines are?? What are they holding us from?? Thank you Isha for releasing my migraine in less than 10 minutes today and helping me unfold yet another new world of possibilities and post the call 2 more clients came in with migraines and I was able to release it for them in under 10 minutes what I have never been able to do for myself in the last 15 years.


You must be thinking I am stupid or a fool. I choose to tell you that I am both in the world of Consciousness and I am happy to be both.


Also, it is worth mentioning here that no medicines were used to release the migraine and yes, I am not a doctor.


Each day is bringing so much Ease, Joy and Glory in my chaotic world that I am amazed by the possibilities that are just opening up each day.


I feel very light now, no sadness, no pain only Joy of exponentializing something greater each day.


I amaze ME at times …


Thank you Gary and Dain again


How did I get so lucky?

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Day-16: Studies and Access tools

Hello everyone, so today started with my younger daughter’s revision tests at school and she read the wrong schedule of tests and prepared for the wrong subject- Wow!! How aware is she?? Outside of this reality.


Anyways, more on that later, so she called me to her room to make her understand the gap that there was as she was stressed about it, but, she couldn’t figure out what was it that she was not acknowledging. She showed me the exam schedule and she had prepared for the exam scheduled for 12th November,2021 in lieu of 12th October, 2021 and when she realized the error was at her end she just god nervous, anxious and all that was clearly visible on her face.


What is worth mentioning here is that she is a Certified Access Bars Facilitator and has done all workshops of Access with me and is amazing with energy work at the tender and amazing age of 14 but, what nervousness can do to aware beings also under different circumstances is deciphered with each experience.


Post that I just asked her to use her Access tools and pull energy from the question paper -of what contribution the subject and exam are to her and what contribution she can be to the subject and everything else could she destroy and uncreate it all-RWGBPPA9SBB -The wonderful Access clearing statement and boy!! Did her heaviness vanish away in a jiffy and she started writing the test and she scored a 31/40 on the test without any preparation.  HDIGBTT?? What magic can we be each day??


I am and we all are still discovering…


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Day-15: Do animals respond to Body Processes??

So today, my day started with my 6 month old Beagle crying with pain, in his left rear leg and he refuses to let me or my kids touch him to check where and what is bothering him exactly? But all efforts went in vain and down the drain. (Haha!! That just rhymed together) and he did not let us touch his leg.


I then just touched his head and asked his body to select a body process to be run, and, to my amusement he chose the most appropriate body process and within 10 minutes he was at Ease and so was I.


Infact, all day went wonderfully well.


My question got answered amazingly and his pain completely vanished and he is a happy puppy again and I am a happy mother.


‘Mother’ to a ‘puppy’ of course- I would not wish it to be any other way. So, now I am a mother of 3- two kids and a puppy. Wow!! HIDGSL??(How did I get so lucky??)


People without pets must be having a different POV but that’s their choosing. No right or wrong to anything. Just that, Love expands the energies around us. So, keep loving always…anyone, anything at free will.




Let’s give up 5 Judgements and POVs today.


Wow!! That’s some wonderful fun energy that showed up just now…. Have fun with it and see you soon.

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Day-14: Lazy and Wonderful Sunday

Today, my energy was low, why? I don’t know – “We always know” Gary says.


So, I asked my body, ‘Body what is causing the uneasiness to the body today’ and it just said, It desires rest and so, I had a wonderful, lazy morning, thankfully the maids had a off day today so I could just lazy around in bed and my head.


Ran a few body processes for myself and felt very relaxed and energetic to resume the day in about an hour’s time.


Life keeps throwing surprises and today, a client called for a walk-in appointment for an Access Bars session.


I have hardly taken any appointments on Sundays in the last decade+  but today a very different energy showed up.


Today a client called and I didn’t say NO and I was wondering why? And I asked “Body why did I say a YES” and my Body said, coz her BARS session will shift something beautifully for you too and it was amazing, while running her BARS, I started to feel lighter and lighter and the conversations with her post the session shifted and cleared so much for her and me and she left very happy and I was amazed at the lightness and shift it brought about for me too.


In the evening, she wrote me a beautiful heartfelt testimonial and sharing that on my WhatsApp group of clients brought about 2 new clients. HDIGBTT??(How does it get better than this??)


Each time I am lost in the lower harmonics of thoughts, feelings and emotions – the very same time Gary or Dain come to my rescue through the wonderful tools of Access.


We all are a ‘work in progress’ and I am no different.


More tomorrow…

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