Day 3 – What relation do we have with Money?

Today morning this is the energy that showed up. All clients showing up today 
are coming with money blocks, money issues, barriers with money.  
Why is money not available freely? 
Why do people have so many viewpoints around money? 
Why is money solidified always into something so complex that the energy 
flow STOPS? 
We have always heard the saying, ‘The rich keep getting richer and the poor 
One Warren Buffet and One Mukesh Ambani epitomize money for all in so 
many ways and we send so much money energy to them we don’t even realise 
that when actually what we desire is an Energy Pull from them to us. 
Have you ever thought of this being a bigger, lighter, more expansive reality for 
How does it feel light or heavy, expansive or closed, choose and you will know 
or not know depending on what you choose 
Food for thought… 
See ya soon 
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Day 2 – Who does this belong to? 

Today I woke up with a migraine in the left half of the head and my left eye and 
the migraine that rarely is part of my body now -I asked-Who does this belong 
to? And the very same moment my phone rang and a client complained of 
Migraine in the left half of the head, I just did Who does this belong to for self 
and asked her to do it continuously till the headache faded away? 
She asked-won’t you do a healing for me today and I was guided to do (Who 
does this belong to? And she will be better in 10 minutes), I just asked her 
what the Universe was telling me and let her be for 10 minutes, after 20 
minutes she reverted saying she dozed off after doing the clearing-5-7 times 
and I continued doing it for her for 10 minutes and I was amazed how the tools 
work and she was still of the Point of View(POV) that I, as a healer, did it so it 
worked, I asked her to use- Who does this belong to? To other aches and pains 
but she kept insisting that she chooses to pay me for her healings and she 
knows they will only work then and that was that….. 
Really is a Point of View so strong and works so well I am exploring each day. 
Thank you Gary and Dain again. 
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Day 1 – Fresh Start

Day-1 : Starting life afresh.. starting with a more expansive approach…starting without judgements of who, what, why, when, if, but, because, try are they really possible?? These were my questions to myself 4 months ago and today I stand here and choose expansiveness in everything that is …..the good, the bad, the ugly and embrace all. Why do I do this… coz the wheel will only turn up now. From staying put, to crawling, to walking a few steps-Left, right, centre, forward, backward and sometimes just staying in one place I am doing and choosing all with total Ease and Joy and Glory. I understand the meaning and expansiveness of Being an expansive being of choosing greater, better or even ugly and choosing and asking the Universe to contribute each time. These tools were available to me for the last 1 year yet I started choosing them and using them only till about 3 months ago and boy, has my world opened up more……it sure has, it beautifully has and it continues to bloom with fragrances-bigger and larger. My anger and fears melt each day and a new learning curve shapes a little each day, ‘STOP’- on each judgement, works each time and realizing that oh! My gosh really we all have so many judgements, only yesterday I said stop to myself around 60 odd times for being in judgement of a thing, a situation or a person. Really like really…..Thanks to these 2 amazing beings Gary Douglas and Dain Heer who are holding my hand each day to more expansiveness through their books, through their quotes, through their voices that echo long in my head- I am choosing to meet you soon in a Class….More soon in the blogs to follow.

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Past Life Regression

What is Past Life Regression?

Past Life Regression (PLR) is a healing modality that uses mild and deep hypnosis (depending on the severity of the issue) to regress into past lives to generally see a happy past life or to address a particular issue that has a recurrence in the current life and that needs to be resolved at the subconscious mind level to improve situations of life at the conscious level.

PLR as a modality is based on the Laws of Karma and it helps us to understand the root cause of problems that have recurring patterns in current life which may be affecting someone through health issues or finances or relationships or fears or phobias.

How Past Life Regression works?

Under the guidance of the PLR Therapist the client is taken into a deep trance where the subconscious mind opens the doors to memories that are responsible for the issue to be dealt at hand.

Past Life Regression modality provides permanent solutions to problems as it goes to the root cause of the problem from whgichever life the probem arose.

How Past Life Karmas effect our current lives ?

Positive and negative karmas of each and every lifetime are equated as per Angelic records and each soul has to live on this earth till the balance of negative karmas becomes NIL and he has accumulated a balance of positive karmas and to live those karmas one has to take birth again and again till this balance becomes zero.

Why Past Life Regression?

1. PLR modality helps in resolving physical, mental and emotional blockages.
2. PLR helps us to recognise our innate creative talents
3. PLR helps to improve interpersonal relationships
4. PLR helps to overcome fears and phobias
5. PLR helps us to find our life purpose
6. PLR helps to release the fear of death
7. PLR helps in removing drug and alcohol abuse
8. PLR helps in establishing a balance between mind, body and soul

Past Life Regression- A Healing Therapy

PLR therapy helps to reach to the root cause of any particular issue and resolves it permanently however, it may take many past lives and ego states resolutions to resolve one particular issue. The healing and trauma resolutions bring about beautiful shift of energies of the individual and hence, it is a wonderfully working modality.

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Family Constellations

What is Family Constellation?

Family Constellation is a modality that addresses the imbalance in the energy fields of the families of each person. This modality has been developed by Sir Bert Helinger and he proposed a Systemic Family Constellation as a remedy to improve harmony, growth and balance in the family and family systems of an individual.

How do Family Constellations work?

FCs (Family Constellations) as it is popularly called reveal the systemic entanglements that a person has with his family members or ancestors.

Many of the problems that individuals face in their lives regarding health, work, finances and relationships arise from the entanglements that people carry from their ancestors. When an individual is not free from the burden of the incomplete Karma of the ancestors then he is unable to lead a happy and successful life.
Creating a platform where the ancestors are heard and given their due now which was left incomplete in their life can help resolve the entanglements and improve the harmonious flow of love and energy to the current and future generations thus removing factors like depression, lack of love, recognition, anger, illness and help in restoring the positive flow of energy from the ancestors.

What kind of entanglements require Family Constellation?

Systemic entanglements that arise from the following events which result in unresolved trauma can be resolved through Family Constellations:

  1. Untimely loss of a parent
  2. Untimely loss of a child
  3. Exclusion of a family member that also includes adoptions, miscarriages, still births and abortions
  4. Murder
  5. Suicide
  6. Interrupted bonding between parent and child
  7. Chronic illnesses
  8. Unresolved feelings towards former parents
  9. War experiences
  10. Migration
  11. Presence of victims and perpetrators of crime and injustice
  12. Family secrets

Family Constellations help in bringing about a shift in the way we look at situations and problems and simultaneously develoing a wider and holistic approach to finding solutions to problems.

Family Constellations help individuals and families in improving their ties and believing in the Family Tree System and this sense of belongingness helps people to lead a happier and fulfilling life.

The shift in energies for the positive is often immediate and life changing , such is the beauty and result orientation of Family Constellations. Book an appointment for a Family Constellation session.

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Why Family Tree is important in identifying Pitra Dosh?

A family tree is the record of a family’s ancestry. Apart from being the interesting records of history, they are highly helpful for us to know where we have come from and what traits have we inherited from our deceased great grandparents called as ‘Pitra’. It can also give us clue to where we are headed.

The position of our forefathers is stated in the scriptures in between god and humans. By revering to our deceased, we can please both Pitra and God. If we do not worship our Pitra, we may get afflicted with negative effects in our personal and financial lives. Unhappy ancestors may not bless us in any new venture or Shubh Karya. It is equally important to worship them with honour in order to avoid inflictions. In the process of healing such inflictions, the healer will ask about your parents and ancestry. It is important because their traits have carried down to us through our genes. They are not the gone case of the past,  but they are very much present in us through the bloodline. We inherit their habits and practices, legacy, name fame, etc. Similarly we may also inherit their curses, ailments and ambitions. As these features trickle down from generation to generation, they may accumulate the stress and worsen the situation. These blocks are called Pitra Dosha.

When dealing with Pitra Dosha, each segment of the family constellation is to be considered. There are many ways to identify it. In some cases the psychic connects with the world of the deceased and speaks names of those unsatisfied with their descendents. It is the duty of the respective descendent to identify their forefather and enquire about their cause of wrath. 

 In another method, the Dosha is identified with the help of the Kundli or horoscope of the person concerned or the sufferer. After carefully analysing, the details of the horoscope, possible names and relations of the particular ancestor can be identified. But in order to understand the name, the bloodline must be clear and the exact names must be in record. Also if the sufferer wants to enquire about a particular relation in connection, the family tree is required. This required information is the name of seven generations from father’s side, three generations from mother’s side, area of origination, names and places of Kul Devta and Kuldevi (deities) and location of the shrine.

When the concerned ancestor is identified, their demands can be put forward. Then different types of spiritual; healing types are used. Most common types are performing the Shradha or the rites. There are also methods of Tantric healing, healing with the help of a professional who deals in such dynamics, healing by the help of angels and some other subconscious methods. Whatever be the manner of addressing such problems, family tree is the key to unlock those secrets and get to the root. The identification of the issues related to the lineage is not possible without a family tree. So it is very much practical to extract the most needed information first, before moving ahead to the next stage.

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Why Tarot Works

The Tarot is a specialised device that has evolved through a long history. It is claimed to have originated from the ancient Egyptian tribes as well as Europe at different times. The Tarot Deck is just like a pack of playing cards In the Tarot there are Minor Arcana and Major Arcana. Where playing cards have Clubs, Hearts, Spades and Diamonds, Minor Arcana has Wands, Cups, Swords and Pentacles. The 22 extra cards are known as Major Arcana and have their own numbers with an image. Each card has its own meaning according to its position and grouping. The formed combination is unique and shows the positive and negative effects.

Several theories have emerged about the validity of Tarot or is it able to divulge the innermost secrets and foretell the situations. The principle of why tarot works is simple. There is our subconscious mind and a higher power that regulates the workings of the universe. This universal energy is present in everything and is in continuous contact with us. It is not that they communicate through the cards. They communicate with us and the deck of cards is used only to decipher the message. These cards kindle our higher energy only when we are willing to listen. The symbols on the cards and their positions opens the channels towards deeper insight into our lives. It is a whole language that enables us understand our circumstances and habits.

A novel concept has emerged in the past few decades that the energy of the questioner is transmitted into the deck, which makes a specific card to come up. This is the reason that many readers ask the questioner to shuffle the cards for themselves. This concept is largely approved by scientific parapsychologists. When we shuffle the cards, we subconsciously make decisions about which one has to be placed where, according to the answer we are seeking for. That is why tarot works so accurately. This idea is supported by the evidence that different people get to see their lives in completely different ways through the same settings and same deck of Tarot cards. Our mind is always in action when we are adding meaning to these symbols.

According to some psychological confirmation, the Tarot reader gets cognitive information from another side of the mind. Its source does not require any genius or creation, but absolute human subconsciousness. A sensitive reader believes in his/her intuition, brings their energy to their subconscious mind when reading and reframes the meaning according to the imagery. It is a practice of tapping the unconscious and clear all the doubts on the problems with the help of symbols visible on the cards. Why Tarot works is because the questioner can understand this meaning in a very flexible and dynamic way according to its suitability to the situation. The readers counsel the questioner with their several years of constant honing and intuition. This art is based on the ancient truths and studies of human conditions that grow spiritually. The psychological aspect also fully supports the ability of Tarot cards to spark the cold psyche in the deep recesses of the brain.

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THE SEVEN CHAKRAS — What are these 7 Chakras and their significance?

The word Chakra has originated from the Sanskrit language. In Sanskrit, the word Chakra means a wheel, circle or a cycle. Its application in the meditation practice denotes several focal points on the body in the shape of a circle. These are the yogic-energy-centres that control several aspects of the body and mind in which they are present. There are 7 Chakras embedded at different positions in the upper torso and having different features. Each circle is responsible for controlling distinct spiritual and mental fields with the complex electromagnetic waves they generate. When all of these are in a balance, the body, mind and the environment function in harmony. When even one of these is disturbed, some aspect of life faces challenges and repercussions of that disturbance. The Kundalini Yoga describes following lifestyle practices that can maintain the desired balance.

  • Breathing exercises
  • Physical postures
  • Chanting of mantras
  • Activities
  • Visualisations
  • Positions

The psychic energies of the Chakras remain unused until evoked with the help of the above mentioned practices. The ancient theories state that these inner energies have the potential of converting the most negative situation into a highly positive one just with the help of one positive thought called Sankalpa. The seven Chakras are in the form of lotuses with different number of petals for each Chakra. They all are connected with a single flow called Nadi. The Nadi helps the energy to freely move between these circles. This system would function only when the entire psycho spiritual passages are clean and free of any blockages. The texts also state that this energy AKA Kundalini resembles a coiled serpent which is hooked to the vast source of knowledge. As the Kundalini rises the eight points or the petals of the eight Chakras are unfolded.


The seven chakras are aligned along the spinal cord right to the top of the head. The first Chakra is positioned at the base of the spine the point that touches the ground when we are seated on the floor with folded legs. The second one slightly above the first one and so on vertically till the top of the head.



Each chakra is associated with a specific kind of sound, taste, physiological capacity, element, colour, Mantra or holy letter, deity and other motifs.

List of the 7 Chakras


Root Chakra or Muladhara/ Adhara/ Bhoomi Chakra
  • Red coloured Lotus with four petals
  • Position: At the base of the spine
  • Beej Mantra: lam
  • Associated letters: va, scha, sha and sa
  • Element/Tattwa: Earth
  • Deity: Indra and Ganpati



The easiest way is to do a deep breathing exercise with closed eyes and focus on the point under the pelvic area. Since the chakra is associated with excretion and anus, the practitioner can also contract and loosen the muscles around the area. The other way is to chant the beej mantra lam 100,000,000 times but it has to be done very carefully, in an absolutely hygienic environment and cleansed body.



The awakening of Muladhara will make the practitioner free from all diseases, will bring charisma to his/her personality and the person will be able to control the earthy elements.

Sacral Chakra Or  Svadhishthana/Adhishthana/Medhra
  • White lotus with six vermilion-coloured petals
  • Position: In tailbone, two-finger-width above the Muladhara/ Root Chakra
  • Beej Mantra:vam
  • Associated letters: ba, bha, ma, ya, ra, and la
  • Element/Tattwa: Water
  • Deity: Vishnu



Do a deep breathing while your eyes are close and focus on the Sacral Chakra. It is related to the reproductive system. Hence, the meditator must exercise absolute control over his/her sexual desires. Chanting of the Beej mantra vam can also help.



The patients suffering from prostate problems, female reproductive organs problems and sexual behaviour problems can benefit from the meditation of this point. It will also provide clarity of thought and reduction in enemies.


Sacral Chakra Or  Svadhishthana/Adhishthana/Medhra
  • White lotus with six vermilion-coloured petals
  • Position: In tailbone, two-finger-width above the Muladhara/ Root Chakra
  • Beej Mantra:vam
  • Associated letters: ba, bha, ma, ya, ra, and la
  • Element/Tattwa: Water
  • Deity: Vishnu



Do a deep breathing while your eyes are close and focus on the Sacral Chakra. It is related to the reproductive system. Hence, the meditator must exercise absolute control over his/her sexual desires. Chanting of the Beej mantra vam can also help.



The patients suffering from prostate problems, female reproductive organs problems and sexual behaviour problems can benefit from the meditation of this point. It will also provide clarity of thought and reduction in enemies.


Solar Plexus Chakra or Manipura
  • Position: above the navel
  • Beej Mantra: ram
  • Associated letters: ḍa, ḍha, ṇa, ta, tha, da, dha, na, pa, and pha
  • Element/Tattwa: Fire
  • Deity: Rudra



The person must contract his/her muscles towards the naval and do deep breathing while chanting ‘ram’. The person should also control his/her appetite and craving for certain foods.


You will gain better will power, better digestion and dynamism in physical activity. You will also improve on metabolism.

Heart Chakra Or Anahata/Hridaya Chakra
  • Light blue coloured lotus with twelve petals
  • Position: At the spine between the two lungs
  • Beej Mantra: Yam
  • Associated letters: kam, kham, gam, gham, ngam, cham, chham, jam, jham, nyam, tam and tham
  • Element/Tattwa: Vayu
  • Deity: Ishana Rudra



For meditation, the breathing must be done evenly and should be felt at the Chakra. The pranayamas must be deep. You can also do a few asanas related to this point or chant the beej mantra.



It is best for anger management. It brings calm and balanced decision making. It is highly beneficial suffering from problems related to senses of touch and Multiple Sclerosis.

Throat Chakra or Vishuddhi
  • White lotus with sixteen purple-coloured petals
  • Position: In the pit of the throat near the spine
  • Beej Mantra: ham
  • Associated letters: a, aa, i, iee, u, uoo, ri, ree, la, lri, ay, aye, o, au, ah, am
  • Element/Tattwa: akash, aether
  • Deity: Sadashiva



This meditation will bring the Amrit from the head down and the individual can taste it. A specific kechari mudra is described to awaken the Vishuddhi point. The person also must meditate by feeling the beej mantra ham at this point.



The person will excel in hearing and speaking abilities. People suffering from thyroid and endocrine problems must practice on this one.

Third Eye Chakra Or Ajna
  • Transparent lotus with two white petals
  • Position: between the eyebrows where Hindus place a bindi
  • Beej Mantra: Om
  • Associated letters: ha, ksha
  • Element/Tattwa: none
  • Deity: Ardhanarishvara/Shiva-Shakti



This is the most important point of meditation. The position of Bindu is right at the middle of the prefrontal cortex, a part of the brain responsible for solving puzzles, learning new languages and doing new complex things. Thus, meditating on this Chakra will not only improve intelligence and common sense but will also help in balancing emotions. The person will also get a higher insight into both his/her inner workings of the mind and workings of his/her environment.


To meditate, chant Om and focus on the point and read your thoughts.



The person will obtain very high intellect and will be able to communicate through the mind. He/She will develop sharp intuition.

Crown Chakra Or Sahasrara
  • Luminous lotus with different coloured 1000 (Sahasra) petals
  • Position: In the top of the crown

This is the place of Nirvana or absolute emancipation. It is not limited to one deity, element or seed mantra. At this stage the learner is in pure consciousness, thus knowing all and everything with an impartial view. He/She becomes divine.



Meditation is the key to open every chakra but here the learner has to exercise truth, unbiased attitude, impersonalisation and many more lifestyle practices along with breathing exercises and kriya yoga (activity).



This brings you to the stage of absolute bliss. Here you will feel neither pain nor pleasure and you will be able to do whatever you wish for.


According to the ancient texts, these seven points are the focus of the energy that runs through the universe. This energy has the capacity to do anything, destroy or heal. It remains untapped due to our own ignorance. Not only does this energy remain untapped, but it also becomes destructive due to negative thoughts and attitude. Meditation helps an individual to address that negativity and utilise these energy centres for bringing a positive change to their bodies and their environment.


This type of Meditation must always be done under the guidance of a guru. It is a highly sensitive practice that should never be done without proper knowledge and understanding of the concept.


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