Tarot Reading

₹ 2K – ₹ 3K

Tarot Reading is a science that dates way back to mid-15th Century and started in Europe. Today, it is prevalent around the world and has been used for divination and guided conselling for the present and the future.

The psychic nourishment provided by the Tarot Reader is a charm to watch and be amazed with.

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₹ 1100K – ₹ 3K

Astrology is a very vast Indian Science where predictions have been made since times immemorial on the present and future of a JAATAK (person) based on the planetary patterns at birth, at Gochar, Varshphala, Antar and PratayantaraDasha and Shad Bala of the planets.

 The planetary movements and the Rashis and their innumerable permutations and combinations are studied at length to give a prediction.

 An amazing science very close to me with amazing results. We provide Upays and Gem Stone details within the one hour reading.


₹ 2K – ₹ 3K

Buy This service button is fine but minimum costing for Vastu has to begin from Rs.21000.00 upto 1600 square feet area

 Over and above that will depend on Floor area of the house or business/office premises

 Vastu or Vastu Shastra is an age old Indian Science on home and Office and Space Architecture. The cardinal directions and the Vastu Lords and the Zones play a major role in the apt calculations for designing or re-doing a space.

 We do Vastu Consultations with minimum breakage and only by letting you know ways and means to strengthen a particular zone and eliminating the side effects of a depleted zone to improve relationships, business, money, education, luxuries, name, fame and a healthy sustainable living in congruence with the 5 elements of the Universe.

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