I was given clear guidance and choice through her predictions. She also helped me keeping calm as it was very easy for me to lose temper at many occasions. She helped me in keeping a cool head. All this has helped me grow in many ways.
Vedant Raut
It has been a great experience knowing Malvika and getting readings done from her. Her valuable advice and guidance was much needed. Lots of love and best wishes. Cheers!
Vikram Singh Chauhan
Actor Mumba
Before I spoke to Malvika Madan I had no idea about access consciousness and clearing statements and its effect on one's life. Malvika introduced me to this concept and Voila!!! The effect of same was clearly magical. I have been a firm believer of the step of "Allowing" in the process of manifestation. Something, however, kept me from getting same done seamlessly, leading to frustration and helplessness. Malvika's IPOV sessions gave me the perfect tool to clear all my mental blocks that was preventing my dreams to come true. The changes where visible in just 10 days and I could see my dreams and goals manifest in most visible ways. I have been consistently using it and can vouch for its effectiveness. I recommend everyone to attend atleast one session and see the magic unfold
Mr. Abhisek
Every year we make resolutions to achieve goals for happy living but we our clueless about the steps to achieve them. This year my luck strikes and unverise laid plan to be part of wonderful program led by Malvika Madan, she is my guiding angel and light house leading to a path of utmost freedom from worries and self doubts.

I feel humbled to be part of positive energy community, where we create a universe giving us opportunities to look things from brighter perspectives. Thank you Malu Didi for being my source of happiness and guidance
Ms. Joshna
New Delhi
The IPOV class was really fun and intriguing. I got to know about so many other point of views about simple things in life like career, money, relationships, family, etc. It's fascinating how other people's view can be so different from yours and you get to know a from a perspective, you might not have imagined. The energy in the class was always very positive, joyous and so full of charisma. Everyone used to give their point of views and the class was always very interactive and interesting. I loved the class and one thing which i learned from it is that not everyone has a same point of view and you don't need to share your opinions on everything.
Ms. Vritti
Malvika has a friendly and honest approach to readings. I would recommend Malvika because she is honest and the interpretations are explained in understandable and simple user friendly ways.I'm very grateful for all the information provided regarding my questions and for all the support provided from time to time whenever needed
Kajal Verma
Professor Jalandhar
I have known Malvika through a close acquaintance but was official introduced to her as Tarot card reader and a healer. She is an extremely patient person and a good listener!!!She gives her heart and soul to find a solution for someone who approaches her.Her accurate Tarot readings and Switchwords have guided me towards the right direction. I have already started recommending her to all my friends and family
Nilofer Siddiqui
Fashion Designer Mumbai
I met Malvika when I had almost given up on my Career, I had lost Hope that anything good could happen to me. This leaded me to immense depression and hence leaded me to Alcoholism which also effected my Personal and Professional life
Malvika helped me through her healing sessions which helped me come out of my Depression & Alcoholism and thus helped me to build my self confidence.
Her Tarot readings and solutions, to the situations opened ways and Opportunities to get me a stand in my Business Fraternity again She is an Extremely Patient and a Good listener with accurate readingsI thank Malvika for all her support and wish her all the best and would definately recommend her to people in my professional and personal circle
Asim Siddiqui
Director- ANA Moulds Mumbai
This could be the first time I may just fall short of words!!
It has been over a year of interaction with Malvika and her magic with her Tarot. Guiding...counselling and walking me through numerous situations.

It has been extremely delightful knowing you and having you in my life Malvika. Wish you a lot of happiness, prosperity and all that you wish for! May you bring joy to many more lives:blush::blush: Love and regards,
Shilpa Tulaskar
I would like to thank Malvika for always being there for me even if it is midnight or 3 AM I have call her any time and she was always there for me provide me with guidance.... Tips to improve the situation I faced etc etc. She mostly guided through Tarot and Gave me Switchwords or other healing tips to solve anything... I'm at much peace now.. Even recommended each and everyone to take her guidance for any confusion or crisis that they face... My friends also go by her guidance and suggestions mostly. Thanks Malu:kissing_heart: God bless you :innocent:
I have just two words for you if you are thinking about booking a reading with Malvika : DO IT She has the wisdom of a sage, the sensitivity of a healer and the skill of a master. The insights she offers on everything from business, finances, relationships, careers etc could only come from a practitioner of her calibre I was needing to make some decisions regarding my blocked money , so I booked a session with her. She gave me insight on how to move forward She is fast clear and right on the target. I started getting my blocked money back as predicted by her. I am so grateful to have her in my list of friends and will definitely use her wisdom again.
Manoj Sodhi
Sr.Vice President Capital Bank
I don’t think there are enough words to describe Malvika's gift. Everything she has said to me during our sessions feels like a timeless truth. There is an inner knowing in my heart when she speaks about my life. It is almost as if she comes from a different dimension to give me guidance, and the truth. She speaks and the messages keep coming in.

My journey feels so right partly because of the acknowledgement I have received from Malvika. But above all it is who she is as a human being that I love the most. She cares, and that makes all the difference to me.
Manu Sharma